Is that what it really meant?

Reading a few opinions on “what the election meant” from all the experts that have the knowing of a lot of things. Anyone that thinks they can read the American voter and ascertain “the message” needs to be read with a grain of salt.

There is absolutely no way that I can believe that this election result was about policy when so many Obama voters simply can’t tell you what his policies were before voting. This is what we get when anyone can vote

Perhaps a system that requires a basic understanding of the United States before casting a ballot is the way to go. Require votes to know at least one basic fact before they can vote.

Something like “name one of the three branches of the federal government” or “name one of your current elected representatives”.  If you don’t know what you are even voting on (besides the guy that promises the most free stuff) that should you really be voting in the first place?


OUCH! “Uhh, let’s move on to another topic”

I’ll bet you’d like that a lot Mr. O.

Let’s talk golf or Hawaii instead?

Actually, maybe a few more minutes on the whole idea of jobs is a better use of debate time:

2012 Debates – Round 1

Normally I don’t much care for the political theater that is our 18 month long presidential election cycle.  Especially in the last 20+ years as the candidates are less statesmen than conmen.  Ronald Reagan was, in my opinion, the finest leader in my lifetime and none of the jokers these days can compare.

All that aside, I did watch a bit from the debate last night.  Read a few articles to get a better handle on who “won” and had a good laugh with this one.

How to find a painter in Cleveland

Pull out a phone book?  Maybe 20 years ago.  The only way to find a Cleveland painter in this modern age is via the web.

I found Brett’s company online while searching, of course.  After talking about the specifics of the paint work needed I knew they were the right choice.

They only use Sherwin-Williams paints and stains and the crew did a fantastic job.  Looking for a Cleveland painter?  My recommendation will always be Brett Dawson and his crew at Paint The USA.


Opending day!

…. is Saturday.  Only two words for that.



License fees look stable for this year although way up compared to a few years ago.


I’m much happier paying more to support things like TPWD with fees when I use the resource/service than paying ALL the time via taxes for government programs that I don’t support.

Texas has it right on this issue.  So what if fishing licenses have doubled in the last few years?  I’m happy paying $30 or $40 a year when I want/can afford to fish. Taxes never go away once in place and they only go up!

Back to work

…finally.  Out of commission for an extended period and it is a struggle to “be patient, go slowly, don’t push yourself” when I am so far behind on so many things.  Projects at home and work have been in limbo for most of the year and it is high time to get things moving again!

Watch out AL sluggers, Josh Hamilton is going to steal all of the power glory this summer.  That guy is on fire.

Chipotle Powder Chili Tacos

Sooo I’m a cheap guy. I pinch pennies.  Twice. Compared to most people I know i get by spending a lot less and still have what I need and most of the things I want. Are there toys and tools and trips I would buy if money were plentiful? Sure – saving for someday I suppose.

The point is, I’m cheap.

One of my most effective areas for saving money is food. It’s not that I coupon the crap out of the checkout chick (or dood) to save cash, it’s how I shop and what I buy.  Some of my friends easily drop $800 or more per month – and they are single.

For example, for a small family, ground beef is a common staple. Who can afford to toss ribeyes on everyone’s plate? Burger meat was plentiful in my parent’s kitchen and it was used in all kinds of meals

Tacos were a once a week staple for us

Leftovers made for a hot lunch, a quick snack and sometimes another meal when we had “leftover night”.  There might be parts of 4 meals from the last week on the table to finish off and your plate looked like an abstract from Picaso.

So as a young bachelor I quickly did the math to see that $3.00 in meat, $0.59 in seasoning, a few tortillas and shredded cheese and you wouldn’t starve before payday.  I learned to (literally) spice things up to prevent meal boredom and over the years I have learned that the best modification to OEP taco seasoning is the smokey kick that a little powdered chipotle brings.

Chipotle is a jalapeno left to ripened that is then dried and smoked. The heat is low and warm and the hint of smoke really jazzes up regular taco meat (which makes quick/easy quesadillas and many other meals besides tacos!).  My favorite source for chipotle powder is Penderys’s spices from Ft Worth.  You can also purchase via the website if you are unlucky to live too far to visit the retail store (which smells fabulous year round).  Highly recommended!

Never before…

…has a presidential election looked more like the proverbial “lesser of two evils” choice.  I, personally, do not like the idea of any of these candidates, from any party, sitting in the White House for 4 years.

Can we get a statesman that knows what a chief executive is and how to lead?  Pretty please?