What Does This Road Sign Mean?

Searching the web for a specific image, I came across a sign that confused the heck out of me. Granted, it’s usually easy to confuse me but I would assume MANY drivers would be confused by one of these road signs.

Feast your eyes on this…

What in the world does this mean? Is it intended to be mounted horizontally on really steep hills?

I figure it has to be an add-on below some other type of informational road sign.  Much like the 3-way or 4-way plates below some stop signs.

Any suggestions?  Submit your ideas in comments.

In the meantime I’m going to contact the manufacturer for enlightenment.



Stop signs aren’t just there to annoy you…

So I just moved into a new house which is a corner lot of what is normally a very quiet neighborhood. Both streets are residential and very small with only a few homes.  You wouldn’t expect there to be many safety hazards to a walk – you’d be wrong.

One of my neighbor’s kids is apparently “stop sign averse” and actually accelerates through the 4-way stop. Not just once, but now at least 4 times have I seen him do this.

It’s only 3 houses from his parent’s house so he must think since he is stopping in a few hundred feet anyway, why stop at the stop sign?

Because it’s THE LAW for one thing!  And because you will someday run someone over for another!!

The city streets department puts up these stop signs and other road signs for good reason.  To bring order and predictability to traffic flow.  Pedestrians are not as easy to see as vehicles and could be stepping off the curb as you blast through the 4-way stop!!

OK – ranting finished.  I feel better now.