Obamacare Starts To Smack-shit Outta the US

“Some people will feel they are being unfairly targeted or penalized.”  said Gerald Kominski, director of the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research and an expert on health insurance.

Ya think?!?

Healthcare law could raise premiums 30% for some Californians



Oh the joys of socialism.



Having been burned by being “the first” to test/learn/buy/whatever as a youngster, I decided many years ago to:

  • Wait for the price to come down
  • Learn from other’s mistakes
  • Buy the 2nd year model after the bugs are mostly cleared up
  • ETC

Microsoft has reinforced this behavior over the decades as they have released OS after OS to the market when NONE have been truly tested and debugged or patched enough to be a release candidate.

Watching technology prices plummet after the early-adopters are done adopting has also reinforced this behavior.  I’m not one that absolutely has to have the latest especially since I can save 50% in 3 months or so.  Perfectly happy buying the last model as the new ones are coming out and taking that $150 back to my savings account.

My pickup has just under 300,000 miles on it and I paid the note off 7 years ago.  Sure, the leather seats are a little tattered but the 4 wheel drive still gets me up the steep hill to the house on even the rainiest days.

So the whole point that I’m taking forever to get to is that HTML 5 has been this (rumoured) great improvement over HTML 4.01 and XHTML.  Reportedly supporting things like rich media natively without plugins, etc.  But as it is still not really, really ready for primetime, I haven’t touched it.  Read a few articles, looked forward to the new features.

NOW I’m working on a project for a client that is HTML 5 and CSS3 based and I’m (ugh) having to learn a lot of stuff just to get some basic things done.

I love learning stuff but I sure hope W3C doesn’t decide to scrap this (y’know, kinda like the XHTML thing?) in a few months and it will have been wasted time.  As much as I like learning new things (and getting paid to do it) I REALLY hate wasting time.

Fingers crossed that now, we’re really close to more universal adoption of what promises to be a really great step forward… while also keeping in mind that 7 years ago:

In 2006, the W3C indicated an interest to participate in the development of HTML5 after all, and in 2007 formed a working group chartered to work with the WHATWG on the development of the HTML5 specification. Apple, Mozilla, and Opera allowed the W3C to publish the specification under the W3C copyright, while keeping a version with the less restrictive license on the WHATWG site.