Commercial Property Idea

Wondering out loud (actually with my keyboard) if working in parallel with a realtor is an effective way to sell property.  I’m certain that it helps or at the very least doesn’t hamper the agent’s efforts to do, say, something like this I20 frontage commercial property site.  I have started to see more people put up a website about some property they are selling and I’m sure the extra awareness helps, right?

Even if your modest little site never achieves the same traffic levels of a Wikipedia, for example, that one visitor that happened to search for exactly what you are selling could be good as gold.

OK I’m decided.  It’s an effort worth pursuing…. when I finally have some “spare” time.  Whatever that is.


Never Knew They Made Them Like That

Sooo, the guy without legs that is a sprinter clearly pulled off an amazing feat.  And I don’t mean competing in the Olympics as a sprinter without legs.  I mean causing a gun to fire by “not being negligent”. It is explanations like this that cause guns to scare the crap out of anyone that is uninformed about them… like EVERYONE that works as a “journalist”.

Apparently it is a popular thing in S. Africa to carry guns around that go off for no apparent reason.  Luckily, all of my weapons have triggers and trigger guards on them.  You have to actually place your finger inside this small space to cause it to fire.

Excerpt from a story

“…the restaurant manager heard a loud bang, but Oscar and his friends denied anything had happened, he told the newspaper.

Boxer Kevin Lerena, who was part of the dining party, later told Beeld:

“I got a huge fright, because the bullet hit the ground just centimetres from my foot. I must emphasise that the gun belonged to one of Pistorius’s friends.

“Oscar just wanted to look at the gun, and it sort of snagged on his pants, releasing the safety catch. A shot went off. I wouldn’t call him negligent, it was just an accident. He apologised to me for days afterwards.”

Pistorius has cancelled all future track races.”

I would bet that he has quit training, too.  No point in working hard to run faster when you’ll be sitting really, really still in a small metal cage for a loooong time.