Is that what it really meant?

Reading a few opinions on “what the election meant” from all the experts that have the knowing of a lot of things. Anyone that thinks they can read the American voter and ascertain “the message” needs to be read with a grain of salt.

There is absolutely no way that I can believe that this election result was about policy when so many Obama voters simply can’t tell you what his policies were before voting. This is what we get when anyone can vote

Perhaps a system that requires a basic understanding of the United States before casting a ballot is the way to go. Require votes to know at least one basic fact before they can vote.

Something like “name one of the three branches of the federal government” or “name one of your current elected representatives”.  If you don’t know what you are even voting on (besides the guy that promises the most free stuff) that should you really be voting in the first place?


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