OUCH! “Uhh, let’s move on to another topic”

I’ll bet you’d like that a lot Mr. O.

Let’s talk golf or Hawaii instead?

Actually, maybe a few more minutes on the whole idea of jobs is a better use of debate time:



2012 Debates – Round 1

Normally I don’t much care for the political theater that is our 18 month long presidential election cycle.  Especially in the last 20+ years as the candidates are less statesmen than conmen.  Ronald Reagan was, in my opinion, the finest leader in my lifetime and none of the jokers these days can compare.

All that aside, I did watch a bit from the debate last night.  Read a few articles to get a better handle on who “won” and had a good laugh with this one.

How to find a painter in Cleveland

Pull out a phone book?  Maybe 20 years ago.  The only way to find a Cleveland painter in this modern age is via the web.  http://cleveland.painttheusa.com.

I found Brett’s company online while searching, of course.  After talking about the specifics of the paint work needed I knew they were the right choice.

They only use Sherwin-Williams paints and stains and the crew did a fantastic job.  Looking for a Cleveland painter?  My recommendation will always be Brett Dawson and his crew at Paint The USA.