Where the Firefox got it’s name

I have been a Firefox user for many years. Internet Explorer has always been buggy for me. It didn’t matter if I was at work on a professionally managed network or at home on a hobby box or brand-name PC. IE has always pretty well been trouble.

Before Firefox, I loved Netscape Navigator because it was the anti-IE choice at the time. Once Netscape Communicator came out, it became a bloated resource hog that slowed down any machine you ran it on, hung up or crashed for no reason, but I digress.

As a long-time user of Firefox, I’m familiar with the many extensions and plug-ins available and all of the cool features that make Firefox my choice for a web browser.

It wasn’t until this morning, however, that I learned where the Firefox name comes from. Originally named Firebird, a new name was needed to avoid infringing on existing trademarks.  Soooo, Firefox was (apparently) chosen because it’s similar to the original name Firebird and (again, apparently) because someone was fond of the red panda.

He/she is quite photogenic.

To learn more than you ever wanted to know, here’s the Wikipedia link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_panda


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