What Is The Occupation For?

Help me understand. I’ve seen lots of signs the “occupy” people are holding as I read the articles or watched the news coverage. I get the “greed is bad” message and I agree. It’s a deadly sin as “they” told me in Sunday school.

What I don’t get is what they hope to accomplish? Is the CEO of Nike going to surrender part of his 8 or 9 digit compensation package over this? Do they hope he will come down to the street and write them checks?

I’m afraid that most are hoping Washington, DC will do something to “create jobs” which is:
A. Not something governments are designed to do
B Not something they actually CAN do

So what’s the point? What’s the goal besides awareness? We’re all aware that Nike’s CEO makes A LOT of money. If he weren’t worth it, the board wouldn’t have authorized it! If the goal of a big greedy nasty corporation is to make ugly greedy nasty profits, they wouldn’t piss it away on a CEO that didn’t bring home the bacon.

I see a lot of signs in the “profit = evil” vein but I think these guys just haven’t thought it through.

Much like the “it’s obscene that healthcare companies profit from other people’s illnesses” crowd. Uhh, do you think there would be ANY hospitals if there wasn’t a promise of profit? Where would you go when you needed a doctor then?

Someone help me out on this. What am I missing here? Keep it civil please.


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