A quick “me too” on the FEMA funding debate

Quoted excerpts from the Chicago Tribune’s editorial page:

“The Republicans who have fought adding another $3.65 billion to the debt are making a larger point: They want to disrupt the protocols, the history, the politesse that constitute spending-as-usual in Washington. They are advancing the radical-to-Congress notion that the government shouldn’t disburse money that … it … doesn’t … have.”

Indeed. How dare those stinky ol’ rich-loving Republicans deny Federal aid to the flood victims? Umm, because there ISN’T any Federal aid available?

Maybe the real question should be: Why are the Democracts not willing to cut the $25 billion wasted on vacant Federal property to help these flood victims?


Maybe someone could erect a few road signs between the exclusive hotels our reps live in and The Hill that reminds them “Don’t Forget – We’re Still Broke Today”

road signs

Road sign suggestions


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