Hooray for Friday

Running behind all week. Now I can take a few days to get caught up on work stuff before Monday! Uhh, except for the plans I forgot about for tonight, a wedding I need to attend tomorrow and the football game on Sunday. Hmm.

Can I get a Mulligan on that?


A quick “me too” on the FEMA funding debate

Quoted excerpts from the Chicago Tribune’s editorial page:

“The Republicans who have fought adding another $3.65 billion to the debt are making a larger point: They want to disrupt the protocols, the history, the politesse that constitute spending-as-usual in Washington. They are advancing the radical-to-Congress notion that the government shouldn’t disburse money that … it … doesn’t … have.”

Indeed. How dare those stinky ol’ rich-loving Republicans deny Federal aid to the flood victims? Umm, because there ISN’T any Federal aid available?

Maybe the real question should be: Why are the Democracts not willing to cut the $25 billion wasted on vacant Federal property to help these flood victims?


Maybe someone could erect a few road signs between the exclusive hotels our reps live in and The Hill that reminds them “Don’t Forget – We’re Still Broke Today”

road signs

Road sign suggestions

Stop signs aren’t just there to annoy you…

So I just moved into a new house which is a corner lot of what is normally a very quiet neighborhood. Both streets are residential and very small with only a few homes.  You wouldn’t expect there to be many safety hazards to a walk – you’d be wrong.

One of my neighbor’s kids is apparently “stop sign averse” and actually accelerates through the 4-way stop. Not just once, but now at least 4 times have I seen him do this.

It’s only 3 houses from his parent’s house so he must think since he is stopping in a few hundred feet anyway, why stop at the stop sign?

Because it’s THE LAW for one thing!  And because you will someday run someone over for another!!

The city streets department puts up these stop signs and other road signs for good reason.  To bring order and predictability to traffic flow.  Pedestrians are not as easy to see as vehicles and could be stepping off the curb as you blast through the 4-way stop!!

OK – ranting finished.  I feel better now.